White Background Product Photography using Natural & Artificial Light


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1 Апр 2022

Start your journey in Product Photography by learning how to create perfect photos of products using natural or artificial light and white background. This is the kind of lighting setup that is easy and useful for selling products using social media, e-commerce platforms, and websites. Use your smartphone or a DSLR to start shooting. When you finish this class, you will be able to create your own photos on white background, with even lighting and beautiful texture and detail in your images. Also, the editing process is quite direct, you will see how quick the whole process is.

In this Product Photography class you will find information about lighting setup for natural and artificial light:

1. Getting started: an overview of the process and material you will need.

2. Lighting setup: explanation of how the magic happens with this lighting arrangement and why is a must-have setup to have in your photo skills.

3. Tips and tricks: more detail you need to know about the entire process.

4. Editing process: I will show you how to edit your photos so you can use them right away.

The class also includes a PDF cheatsheet for reference on the setup for you to have on hand.

I hope you enjoy this class and post your own projects to the gallery.

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