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1 Апр 2022

A beginner's guide to meditative painting with Rayne Ellycrys Benu
What you'll learn
...create a beautiful and totally unique piece of art
...paint with acrylics in a meditative style
...reflect on the complex state of the environment and our oceans
...learn new ways of painting using plastic tools
...learn how to clean your brushes and dispose of your paint water in ways that are safe for the planet
...break through creative and personal blocks with gentle exercises designed to support your awesomeness!
...connect with the ocean in a meaningful way and be inspired!
All knowledge levels are welcome.
Some painting supplies are required. I've attached a list of what you'll need in the first lesson for you to download.
Meditative painting is an art form where the painter (that's you!) is guided by their thoughts or feelings to create art without planning how an image will emerge. You define and clarify whatever is created to tell an underlying story.
This kind of painting can be used to break out of a creative slump, do energy healing work, resolve painful situations, or to try to understand what your inner self is thinking or feeling about something.
In this class, you will learn how to create beautiful paintings in a meditative style.
We will focus on creating pieces that reflect your vision of the oceans- whether that is a peaceful and serene scene or one that is full of life and colour.
Painting can be a great way to process your feelings about the oceans and the issues they are facing. It can also be a way to find a vision of the oceans you want to work towards. This class is designed to help you do both of those things.
Meditative painting is a relaxing way to develop your own personal style of art, regardless of your skill level. Anyone can paint!
No previous experience with acrylics is required. This class is open to all levels!
Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to play, have fun, get your hands dirty, and live to tell about it.
Anyone who wants to learn an easy, effective way to express yourself with painting.
People who have never painted before and would like to experiment with colour and different painting techniques.
If you are an experienced artist, and are looking for different techniques, or ways of experimenting with acrylic paint.
Anyone who is interested in meditation, wants to release creative/personal blocks, or reflect on a situation for positive transformation.
People of all backgrounds and beliefs (including agnostic/atheists, of course!) are welcome.
Run away if you want to learn how to technically represent an object or landscape, or if you're interested in painting with oils.
If you are stressed the heck out about climate change, plastic pollution or endangered species and could use a little help to deal with what you're feeling.


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