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Udemy - Blender 3+Reality Capture 5h, futuristic movie scence, files


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Learn step by step how to create a futuristic movie scene in Blender (free) and how to photo scan in Reality Capture

What you'll learn
You will learn how to model in Blender
You will learn how to create more complex textures in Blender
You will learn how to create a scene, set up a camera and lighting
You will learn the basics of animation in Blender
It will teach you how to photo-scan objects in RealityCapture
You will be taught how to achieve a cinematic look

Part 1 - Zadar City Gate - Introduction - 20 min
Part 2 - Zadar City Gate modeling and texturing - 23 min
Part 3 - Zadar City Gate modeling and lighting - 29 min
Part 4 - Zadar City Gate modeling and unwrapping - 26 min
Part 5 - Zadar City Gate materials and Photoshop - 28 min
Part 6 - Zadar City Gate UV, Make bump and roughness map - 25 min
Part 7 - Zadar City Gate - futuristic head and cables - 31 min
Part 8 - Zadar City Gate - Reality capture and blocking - 32 min
Part 9 - Zadar City Gate - Reality capture to Blender - 21 min
Part 10 - Zadar City Gate - Fence modeling - 26 min
Part 11 - Zadar City Gate - Finale - Trees, vegetation and details - 25 min
Part 12 - Camera shake + night mode - 10 min

It's good to have a little experience with Blender

Who this course is for:
People who love 3d and who are interested in how to achieve realism or a cinematic look

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