SLR Lounge – Lighting Bundle Vol. 1-4


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1 Апр 2022

Learn the foundations of lighting, light shaping, and light modification with our Lighting 101 workshop where we teach you how to get amazing photos with basic gear and only an on-camera flash. Then, we help you build on all of those skills with more advanced lighting techniques in our Lighting 201 workshop in which we take the flash off your camera and show you how to get professional images with a single off-camera flash.

Lighting 3, Advanced Off Camera Flash is the third course in the Location Lighting Mastery Series and is all about multi-point lighting to create images that stand out from the crowd. All techniques are demonstrated using a variety of highly portable gear and light modifiers and also include what we call “power translations” so that you can know the exact power settings used, and how to recreate that light with any flash or modifier you already own.

This is the fourth course in the Location Lighting Mastery Series. At this point, if you’ve completed the series you’ve mastered the fundamentals of light from Lighting 101, learned the power of a single flash in Lighting 201, created dramatic and dynamic imagery using multi-point light setups in Lighting 3, now in Lighting 4, we’re going to move to what we think is the most advanced and refined step of your lighting toolkit, that is learning to create any form of natural light effect using highly portable flashes and modifiers.

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