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Photoshop for Fashion Photographers


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Learn Adobe Photoshop : For Fashion Photographers, you will know how to retouch a picture shot professionally in studio with Adobe Photoshop.

Retouching is all about bringing the best out of someone, making them look like on their best day; that means keeping the skin, the shapes, the colors, realistic. The goal is not to create something natural looking.

Photoshop could be intimidating, when you want to learn every feature, but we made this course short and focused so you won't get lost. You'll learn some professional technique, using camera raw, photoshop tools like patch tool, local and global dodge and burn, liquify, frequency separation and you'll also have some great tips to get the best results.

Retouching is a very much popular image editing service for E-commerce, magazine, catalog, banner and Ad design.

In this tutorial, all the terms and processes are thoroughly explained to make the retouching accessible to everyone who needs it, you'll soon be able to enhance your photoshop skills and deliver your best work.

You can follow this tutorial, even if you have just started with photoshop, step by step you'll understand the complete workflow, and you may want to try everything you've learned on your own pictures.

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