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Photigy - The 3 Most Popular Light Modifiers You Must Master


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022
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In this tutorial, Vadim Chiline, a professional commercial photographer specializing in luxury products will share the 3 must-know light modifiers you must master in order to become a successful commercial product photographer.

A successful product photographer is one that can turn a plain object into an object of desire. You must learn to elevate something plain to an all new level. Before buying expensive cameras or lenses you must start mastering the basics: Light. Painting with light is what separates the studio photographer from the street photographer. You have at your disposal several types of lighting tricks to bring objects to life. You control all the variables: how strong, how fast, how much is or isn’t in focus. The sky is the limit.

In this tutorial, Vadim Chiline, one of North America’s top jewelry and luxury product photographers will go through the 3 most popular light modifiers that he uses throughout much of his work. He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each with hands-on, side-by-side examples from his studio.

You will get first hand knowledge of:

Simple strobes with reflectors;
Strobes with soft boxes;
Strobes shot through diffusion material.

You will learn to:

Learn about the quality of light produced by each type of light
Learn about the various shadow types each light creates
Learn about the effect of each light on metallic objects

Source: https://www.photigy.com/school/the-3-most-popular-light-modifiers-you-must-master/


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