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Nigel Danson - Mastering the Art of Landscape Photography I and II (4K)


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Nigel Danson
Photography never came easy to me. Over the last 30+ years I feel like I have developed my skills slowly and surely but it hasn't been easy. However, over that time there have been a lot of lightbulb moments.

As an artist at heart but starting my life as a scientist has put me in a unique position to turn those lightbulb moments into a series of classes that share the secrets that I have learnt along the way.

My passion has always been Vistas and Seascapes but more recently I have discovered Woodlands and fell in love with their complexities. But whatever is in front of me I love photographing it and trying to share those snippets of information in a hope I help others discover my joy for this beautiful art form.


More than a tutorial on photography, I aimed to make this program a way to visualize the world a little differently. It's about turning your images into something spectacular. And experiencing the pride and prestige that comes from printing an image you're proud of and hanging it on your wall (an important part of the artistic process). It includes...

How to get the most out of your time on location
How to find the best compositions
How to spot and photograph the best light (with and without filters)
How to shoot vistas, seascapes, woodland and other scenes
How and where to focus for super-sharp images
The other 50% that matters -- how to edit and process your landscapes for digital and for print
Printing photos for your wall
Learn advanced, yet simple, camera settings
The ins and outs of gear -- what you need and what you don't (I'm more of a minimalist)

9 value-packed modules (that's 50 lessons and 100s strategies for spectacular photography)
Original RAW files so you can edit along with me in the processing section
A prime spot on the private course community on Facebook where we can meet and collaborate on our work
Access to each lesson on your phone through Teachable so you can take me with you on location (and download for off line access
Lifetime access

You will learn... II

This isn't just a series of lectures about the theory of photography. It is a hands on approach to improving. I show exactly what I do on a photographic trip. You see me look through my images in Lightroom for the first time and what does and doesn't work. You will also learn:
  • All the secrets to composition for better Vista, Seascape and Woodland photos
  • The techniques and settings you need to know for different scenes
  • How a professional photographer plans a photography location
  • How I use Lightroom and Photoshop together for simple but powerful image editing
  • How to find amazing images in different conditions
  • Exactly how to plan your next photography trip
  • And much, MUCH MORE!!
Save over over $169 when purchasing both courses together

And get access to 100 videos that have never been shown on YouTube. All original content.

  • 3 value-packed modules (that's 60+ lessons and 15 hours of discovery) on Vistas, Woodlands and Seascapes.
  • 4K content so you can see all the details on location, in Lightroom/Photoshop and in the prints.
  • High resolution images for each section so you can see all the details we are talking about in the best quality.
  • Lifetime access.


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