Modo Digital Painting - Digital Oil Painting video course PLUS


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1 Апр 2022

Modo Digital Painting
For many years I worked on custom digital portraits from scratch, as in traditional painting. I have gained new experiences, both positive and negative, and based on this experience rebuilding my drawing technique. As a result, I have simplified the approach to many aspects of the figure and now the work does not take as much time as before.

Here I reveal all my secrets to creating oil painting using Corel Painter and Photoshop graphic editors.

Know all the charm of thick oil paint and immerse yourself in the world of textures!

You are new? - Come in here! And you will learn how to make a picturesque portrait in the style of oil painting from ordinary photography. For this you do not need art education and high drawing skills. Blow on your consciousness is guaranteed!

You're a professional digital artist? And you obviously have something missing in your work? brush strokes ... textures ... volume ... You will find all the answers in these videos.


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