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Master Technical SEO, WordPress SEO 2020 |450+ Videos|15 hrs


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Master On Page SEO, Complete Technical SEO, Keyword Research, WordPress, Speed Optimization, Schema, SEO audit and more

What you’ll learn

Build highly optimized, technically perfect WordPress websites
Master technical SEO
Write highly optimized SEO content
Create responsive WordPress websites that load extremely fast
Master WordPress
Master On Page SEO
Perform a technical SEO audit
Master keyword research


Strong work ethic


What You’ll Learn

How to Build 100% technically perfect, well SEOed websites: This course will give you a super solid foundation in technical SEO

On Page SEO: On Page SEO is covered in great detail here. Every factor is discussed with e x a mples - including using Google’s NLP tool

Build blazing fast WordPress websites : You’ll see - with a live e x a mple - how to build websites that load extremely fast, with TTFB less than 0.2s - on a shared hosting account. You do not need to spend $100s a year on hosting - and you can do these quick optimizations in less than 30 minutes in most cases!

Every technique you need to know to build super fast, high performing websites is discussed with e x a mples. These include

How to use speed testing tools

Factors that influence site speed


DNS response times

DNS prefetch

Prerendering and preconnect

GZip compression

Code bloat

Optimizing CSS and JS

SSL speed

Testing SSL certificates for vulnerabilities

SEO Schema and structured data: You’ll discover how very easy it is to add JSON LD schema and structured data to your WordPress website.
You’ll see how to

Use Google’s Data Highlighter and Data Helper tools

Add product schema

Add ratings and reviews




Article schema

Local business schema

Debugging JSON LD schema code

Do a technical SEO audit: You’ll get a thorough understanding of the important technical SEO factors that play a key role in helping your website rank in the search engines - and how to do a technical SEO audit.

Master WordPress: Just about everything you need to know about setting up WordPress sites and adding and modifying content is discussed here in great detail. You’ll learn .

How to use cPanel

Register a domain

Setup web hosting

Configuring WordPress

How to add themes and plugins

How to use the Gutenberg editor

create .htaccess files

Create robots.txt and XML sitemap

Master WordPress Gutenberg editor

Understand search intent: Unless you understand search intent, you will not be able to create content that ranks in Google. In this section you’ll learn about

The kind of keywords you would never want to target

Different types of search queries

Different types of content

Pogo sticking

Entity search

Query disambiguation and query deserves diversity

Understand keyword difficulty: Unless you know the difference between easy and hard keywords, you will not be able to choose keywords to target.
In this section you will see exactly how to get to know whether a keyword would be easy or hard to target.

Master keyword research: This is a critical skill for any SEO. There’s a science and an art to this. You’ll get to learn how to do keyword research by seeing how it’s done.
You will learn exactly how you can find low competition keywords that will be very appropriate for your site - no matter what your niche is.

How to find 100s of easy keywords in any niche: This is one skill you will need to master if you are going to be an SEO. The lessons in this section will help you master this skill.

Understand how to write highly optimized SEO content: Writing SEO optimized content is not the same as writing content. You will get to see the exact steps you need to follow to write highly optimized SEO articles. These are the kind of articles that can rank for 100s or even 1000s of different keywords. You’ll learn (with a detailed worked e x a mple) .

How to identify variations of the primary keyword

How to identify secondary keywords

Optimize the title and description tags

Use proven techniques to increase your CTR in the SERPs

Craft your page’s URL

How to do in-depth research

Improve your reading scores easily

Use Google’s NLP tool to maximize your chances of ranking high

Add schema

Make your articles highly relevant topically

Create .htaccess files: You’ll see how to create and modify the .htaccess file. You’ll learn how to use .htaccess to

Setup redirects

Disable directory listings

Password protect individual directories

Block certain IP addresses

Protect the wp-login.php file

Add custom http headers

Create x-robots tags

Make your WordPress website more secure

Optimize images: This is another important skill every SEO needs to have. Unoptimized images can make your pages very slow to load and reduce your site’s conversions. There’s a lot more to image optimization than using a plugin to reduce image sizes. In fact, you will not want to use plugins to optimize images. You’ll learn about .

Best image types for the web

WordPress image sizes

HTML5 picture element

Using WebP images

Lazy loading images

Using free tools to reduce your image sizes by upto 90%

Optimizing alt text

Image filenames and SEO

Optimizing for SafeSearch

robots.txt: robots.txt is a file every SEO needs to know about. Mistakes in this file can seriously hinder your site’s performance. In this section, you’ll see how to .

Create and validate your robots.txt file

Avoid common mistakes

Create meta robots tags

Avoid conflicts between robots.txt and your website’s XML sitemap

Avoid conflicts between robots.txt and meta robots tags

International targeting and hreflang: If you are going to be working on very large sites that target multiple countries, you will need to know how to use hreflang. In this section, you’ll see .

How international targeting works

What ccTLDs are and when to use them

How to determine the best ways to implement international targeting for your website

The intricacies involved in creating multilingual URLs

How to use canonical tags with hreflang

How to get XML sitemaps to work well with hreflang

How to debug hreflang tags

XML sitemaps: Your website’s XML sitemap - along with the robots.txt file - plays a key role in optimizing your crawl budget. Mistakes in XML sitemaps are all too common. And these seemingly benign mistakes can reduce your site’s crawl budget. In this section you’ll see .

What crawl budget is and why you should care

XML vs HTML sitemaps - the differences

How to create video and image sitemaps

How to create and validate your XML sitemap

How to maximize crawl budget

How to avoid common errors in creating XMl sitemaps

Setup a CDN: By configuring a Content Delivery Network for your WordPress website, you can make your website a lot faster, more secure, increase availability and reduce the load on your server. In this section, you’ll learn how to do this for free - and it takes only a few minutes!

Implement HSTS: By implementing HSTS for your WordPress website, you will make it more secure - and improve security. You’ll learn how to do this, and see the prerequisites a website should satisfy before you can implement HSTS.


A computer with an internet connection

A strong work ethic

Who this course is for


Web designers

Web developers


Business owners


By learning the skills taught here, you will be able to

Build highly optimized websites - this is a skill companies value a lot

Master technical SEO - This is exactly what is needed to rank in Google and other search engines

Write highly optimized SEO content - another very valuable skill companies are willing to pay a lot for

Create websites that load extremely fast without spending much - another highly lucrative skill. There are companies that do just this and nothing else.

Master WordPress - Everything you need to know to create WordPress websites is covered here in great detail

Who this course is for:

Web designers
Content writers
Business owners
Web developers
Digital marketers

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