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Lindsay Adler Photography - Master Studio Lighting


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

10 Week Course
Join Lindsay Adler as together you journey through this 10 week course on studio lighting, from the basics to lighting like a pro. There is nothing else like this on the market.

50+ videos
A culmination of all of Lindsay's lighting knowledge, she has left no stone unturned in this extensive training with over 15+ hours of content designed in short focused lessons.
Helpful Extras
A comprehensive gear guide, study materials, practice assignments, private Facebook group and optional office hours help keep you on the right track every step of the way.

About this class
Master Studio Lighting is a new online class designed to help you grow your skills in lighting and empower you to create stunning photos. Photography is all about lighting, and becoming a master of studio lighting begins with speaking the language of light. How do modifiers, exposure, distance of light, highlights and shadows work together to help you to communicate? It’s a lot to think about, but I’m here to help.
I’m deeply passionate about light and I’ve spent more than 17 years honing my skills. My control of light frees me, and is one of the core reasons for my success. Now, I want to pass that knowledge and freedom on to you in the most in-depth training I’ve ever created. This isn’t your typical video tutorial series, I’ve crafted this training to be in a course format where you can follow along and take step by step action to grow and master studio lighting. There is no other lighting class like it.

How will this course help you?
The million dollar question...how will Master Studio Lighting make YOU a better photographer?

Simple. I will teach you everything I know about lighting, and by the time we are done you will emerge a lighting ninja, equipped to take on any lighting situation! You'll instantly be able to create higher quality photos which in turn will help you book more clients and become better at your craft.

What you'll Learn
Studio Essentials
Gear and Grip Essentials
Working with Speedlights
Working in small spaces
Shooting different styles, headshots,
creative portraits, boudoir
Inverse Square Law
Quality & Direction of Light
Placement, distance and angle of light
When to use 1, 2 or 3 lights
Ten, 1, 2 and 3 light setups
High & Low key lighting
Using gels
Sample images from the course
In this course you’ll learn EXACTLY what it takes to make each of these shots! You’ll learn how to choose the right modifiers, where to place the light, how to get your exposure right and… how to create similar results no matter what gear you have!


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Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting - (8 x 4 GB)
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Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting - (8 x 4 GB)
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Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting - (8 x 4 GB)
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Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting - (8 x 4 GB)
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Download Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting.part4.rar from rapidgator.net (4 GB)
Download Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting.part5.rar from rapidgator.net (4 GB)
Download Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting.part6.rar from rapidgator.net (4 GB)
Download Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting.part7.rar from rapidgator.net (4 GB)
Download Lindsay_Adler_Photography_-_Master_Studio_Lighting.part8.rar from rapidgator.net (2.60 GB)