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Learn How To Use GIMP To Edit Your Photos Like a Pro


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

About This Class​

Hello and welcome to my GIMP for beginners project-based class. My name is Chris Parker and I'm a professional photographer, graphic designer, and instructor of this GIMP course.
First, you'll learn how to install GIMP, set up the interface, preferences, and more.
Then, you'll begin setting up the GIMP interface for your personal preference and configuring the preferences --> Yes, I know. This stuff is boring. But, it's essential for getting the most out of GIMP.
Every lesson is created in short bite-sized pieces to help you better retain the information and each builds on the next.
1 of the most essential tools in GIMP is Layers. You'll learn all about Layers and how to work with them. Plus, you'll learn about another powerful type of layer; the Layer Mask.
Hint: a Layer Mask, gives you the precision and control to apply edits exactly where you want them.
Oh, these are so fun and awesome. Can't wait to share with you how to take advantage of Layers & Layer masks in GIMP.

Download learn-how-to-use-gimp-to-edit-your-photos-like-a-pro.rar from nitro.download (4.86 GB)
Download learn-how-to-use-gimp-to-edit-your-photos-like-a-pro.rar from uploaded.net (4.86 GB)
Download learn-how-to-use-gimp-to-edit-your-photos-like-a-pro.rar from turbobit.net (4.86 GB)
Download learn-how-to-use-gimp-to-edit-your-photos-like-a-pro.rar from rapidgator.net (4.86 GB)