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hurlbutvisuals - Advanced Commercial Directing Bundle


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Contains over 167 minutes of extensive video content and analysis.

In this bundle, you will receive:

On Set: Commercial Directing Series – Case IH – Parts 1-4
How to Build a Treatment
The Agency Phone Call
You will learn:

How a build a treatment to pitch for the job.
Understanding what agencies are looking for and how to make yourself stand out from the rest.
Creating a visual presentation that lets people tap into your vision as a director.
How to navigate agency politics and client politics to create a sure footing in the commercial world.
Breaking down agency boards and how to develop your notes to craft your vision.
Understanding how to articulate your voice and making the audience know who you are.
Learning ways to pitch your ideas and to make them stick.
How to execute earlier discussions with the agency and rope in the job.
Devising a plan in which you can provide creative assets that the agency will want.
How to break down the casting process.
Understanding the brand in which you have to represent and how to follow through with their voice.
Organizing your commercial early on in the pre production phase.
How to bring your creation to life.
Organizing the project to enter into the production phase.
Orchestrating a crew that will execute your vision.
How to create a shot list for the project.
Understanding the logistics of the project.
Devising a budget and schedule that will help get the most out of the project.
How to manage expectations going into production.
Understanding every step that you need to take to come out on top with your project.
Includes: Concept, Boards, BTS Stills, Treatment
Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses one of his highly regarded directorial projects in the commercial side of things. In 2012, he embarked with Case IH on making a national spot for what they do in agriculture and how they are a pivotal tool for the world around us. Over the course of four videos, he breaks down the early discussions with agencies, creating a treatment, navigating pre-production, and how to execute your vision in production. This is a thorough step-by-step analysis of everything you will need to consider as a director wanting to enter into commercial production and the various hurdles you’ll have to face and how you can get around them. This will give you the foundation you need to execute your vision and to create the commercial that you want to make.

On Set: Commercial Directing Series: Century 21 Pre-Production
You will learn:

What steps to take to fully prep for a commercial shoot.
Working with different directors on different projects.
How to communicate the vision to the team.
Understanding the nuances of communication between departments.
Treating your project like a highway and creating the same direction.
How to use your boards as pre-visualization.
The importance of a director’s location scout.
How to prep with limited time on a commercial set.
Utilizing tools to recreate the commercial during the scout.
How a location scout can help dial in shots and lens choice.
Tips for working with your director.
Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses his time working with director Greg Popp on their Century 21 commercial and how they prepare with limited time. Since in commercials you don’t have the weeks of pre-production like the feature world, you need to maximize your efforts in all departments. Shane breaks down working with director Greg Popp in pre-production and on the day to get this commercial in the can, allowing you to be best prepared for any commercial shoot.

Commercial Directing: From Concept to Creation
You will learn:

How to write a Director’s treatment to land jobs
How to navigate agency and client politics
How to pitch your ideas so that you get them sold
How to prep your production schedule
How to work through casting decisions
How to communicate your vision to your Director of Photography
How to tailor storyboards that get the message and concepts across to all
How to build your schedule and prioritize your storyboards
Contains the Director’s Treatment, Commercial Script, Production Schedule, Storyboards, Cheerios Spot, and the Cheerios BTS Spot. (Downloadable: Agency Boards, Script, Treatment)

Get inside the head of one of the most successful commercial directors today. Xander™ takes you through his creative process in pre-production, from writing your treatment, to pitching your concept, making casting decisions, and creating storyboards.

You’ll see his vision brought to life on the day of the shoot and how he works with the agency navigating client politics while forging ahead and keeping the team on schedule. These lessons are insider information for you to deconstruct and make them your own.

Commercial Directing: Achieving the Director’s Vision
You will learn:

How to breakdown storyboards
How to use spreadsheets to create camera specific shooting schedules
How to organize your team to be elusive, quick, and in-sync
How to use DSLRs and GoPro to achieve a cinematic look
How to customize and rig your GoPro
How to immerse your audience with unique camera angles inside and outside of the car
Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through the final steps to the execution of the Cheerios Protein spot. You’ll get a first-hand look at “why” he employed three Canon C500s, ten hacked GoPros, a Canon 1DC and three Canon 5D Mk IIIs. When time is on the line, there is nothing more important than being in-sync with your crew and having a plan of attack.

Writer/Director: How to Set Up Your Story in 3 Minutes
You will learn:

How to educate your audience in a condensed form
What elements to build on
How to pack as much story as possible into each frame
How to boil down the Who, What , Where, When and Why
How to build shot lists with your writer/director
How to achieve the scope
How to build intimate character development
How to transform the words on the page to the screen
Shane Hurlbut, ASC will take you through the thought process of working with the Writer/Director Josh Stern on Swing Vote to swiftly set up your story successfully. The collaboration, the organization, and the key elements pack this powerful amount of information into a three minute box.

The Director and Director of Photography Relationship
Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut, ASC and Director Guy Ferland discuss collaboration on their project for AMC, the new hit series Into the Badlands. This was a unique situation as Guy Ferland took over for Director David Dobkin after the first three episodes of the series to finish out the final three episodes.

Shane talks about working with David (before he left to go work on a previously scheduled project) and Guy, the dynamic of working with two different types of Directors on the same project and the process of creating the look, feel, tone and mood of Into the Badlands.

Guy dives into his perspectives of working with Shane, the Producers and as the Director of the series. He covers what it takes to create a look for television that the client is looking for, that the story is looking for and ultimately what he is looking for.


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