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Gumroad - Creative Shrimp - 50 Modeling Issues From Hell in Blender 2.8


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

In this video series learn how to deal with the most common 3d modeling problems in Blender 2.8x
3D modeling is hard, sometimes needlessly uncooperative. So many things can go OFF THE RAILS. Even if you feel more or less comfortable with 3D modeling in Blender, there are always more things that can spoil the fun.

Common 3D Modeling Problems in Blender:
- A subdivided object collapsing into a shapeless mess
- Topology going haywire
- Non-manifold geometry
- Boolean ops ruin the topology
- Some models just explode (due to an error in the modifier stack)
- Bevels overshooting
- Exported models are broken
- Too many polygons to even move a vertex
- …or Blender just crashes
We’re sure some of these issues sound familiar to you. We call it 50 Modeling Issues from Hell.
We believe that this course is the ultimate troubleshooting tips collection for 3D modelers. Actually there are more than 80 mini-tutorials available right off the bat. 7+ hours of training. And more to come.
Full Table of Contents: creativeshrimp.com/hell
Difficulty: Intermediate
This course is aimed at the intermediate skilled Blender users. Although we have tried our best to make sure it’s comprehensible for beginners as well, we’re going to be moving fast, maybe a bit too fast for the absolute beginners. So this could be a problem if you don’t feel familiar enough with the user interface.

00 - Introduction
01_A - Topology Issues (general)
02_B - Normals - Shading
03_C - Subd Workflow
04_D - Splines - Curves
05_E - Ngons
06_F - Modifiers
07_G - Boolean (non-destructive)
08_H - Bevel
09_I - Transform
10_J - Mesh Integrity
11_K - Mesh Operations
12_L - Remesh - Retopo
13_M - Scene organization - Performance
14_N - Import - Export
15_O - How the hell do I model this
16_P - Misc
17 - WTH
18 - Reference

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