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1 Апр 2022

I want cutting-edge SEO tactics that are actually ranking websites. Its your job to grow website traffic that actually converts into revenue, rather than just looking good in your analytics account. You already know that organic traffic from search engines is one of the best sources of new customers that exist online. Top rankings can make or break a business.
And you know that instead of interrupting someone like ads can, organic traffic helps you reach people exactly when they want what you have to offer.

But theres just one problem when looking to get higher rankings Theres a lot of conflicting advice. You just want the latest strategies that actually work.
Youve read the SEO blogs.
Youve already heard terms like keyword research, link building, and on-site optimization.
You already know that you have to write descriptive title tags, find the right terms to target and pick up links to your site along the way.
But your time is limited, and you dont want to spend it on the least effective steps you should be taking.
The worst part is wondering whether the steps youre following are actually up to date and working in the real world.
There are no secrets about what search engines are actually looking for
Your website should be fast.
Your content should be original.
It should be easy for search engine crawlers to understand what your website is about.
And among other things, you need links from other sites to act as a vote that youve built a great resource (and know what youre talking about).
Googles algorithm can be a bit of a black box at times, but there are no surprises as to what theyre trying to show at the top of search results. but there are secrets about how to build and acquire those things.
Legitimate, whitehat link building angles that havent been written about dozens of times before.
Advanced keyword research tactics (that even beginners can follow, given the steps) to find terms your competitors arent targeting.
Unique approaches to find issues with your on-site SEO that may be holding you back.
And particular types of content that can get people talking and give search engine users the result theyre looking for.
But you arent going to learn these things from a 21-point checklist blog post. Or a content upgrade that takes you to a Google Sheet.
Especially when different things should be prioritized based on the the industry youre in, and the type of site youre looking to grow.

Even worse is when youre trying to piece together insights from lots of different sources to put together an overall strategy that makes sense.
What if you knew your SEO strategy had been successfully tested on dozens of the biggest sites in the world?

Tested by Software as a Service company pulling in tens of millions of dollars per year.
Used on some of the worlds most successful affiliate sites.
On eCommerce sites doing 9-figures (thats $100M+) in annual revenue.
On fast-growing, industry-leading news sites.
Implemented in some of the most competitive niches and still picking up legitimate, whitehat backlinks.
Heres the truth when it comes to acquiring top rankings.
There are few tactics that should be a top priority to every site, in every niche.
You might need 2,000 words to rank an article about financial advice.
That can be 1,800 words too many for a page on a currency conversion website.
Having 20% of your website consist of thin content might be seriously hurting a site with a million pages. Perhaps not for one with 1,000.
Clearly showing your expertise might really matter to rank in the health space. Thats likely less true in the hobby niche.
If your on-site SEO is perfected but you havent built any links, you shouldnt be worrying about tweaking your meta descriptions further. You get the idea.
Defining the best approach for your situation requires a framework you can pick and choose from, depending on your site and your goals. A framework that has been built through a ton of trial and error. Top SEO practitioners can spend years building a foundation of knowledge they draw upon depending on the site theyre helping. Thats not an exaggeration. It doesnt matter if you run an industry-leading news website, a highly-profitable affiliate site, or youve just taken your first in-house SEO position, you need to stay on top of whats working, right now, in your specific field.
What competitors are doing that you arent.
Theres no one size fits all approach, but as soon as you learn what to look for, you can define a strategy that makes sense for you. A strategy that shows you what to prioritize, so you can get the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.

A proven, step-by-step system with exclusive, cutting-edge SEO tactics you can start using today
This is not some boring Heres what a title tag is training course.
If you know my previous work, then you know I wouldnt dream of putting something like that out to the world.
Detailed Blueprint covers insights that have never been included in any other SEO training program.
With advice on how to know what applies to your specific situation, so you can get the most impact from your efforts.
With step-by-step videos, checklists, worksheets and a thriving community, youll have everything you need to rank.
Youll get an SEO strategy designed to level-up search traffic for your specific business.

Youll get unique link building strategies that are whitehat and scalable
that you wont read about in any other program.
Youll learn how to find key phrases to target that arent already
saturated by big brands, yet can still send significant search traffic.
Youll know not only how to identify the biggest on-site issues that hold sites back, but unique ways to find them as well.
Youll get specific insights on which content ideas get people talking, and how you can create them yourself.
And you can be sure everything is based in real-world results, rather than just theory.

Whatever site youre looking to grow, Detailed Blueprint has you covered.
In module one, youll get the on-site strategy we charge thousands for
Get the exact checklist we use when auditing websites for thousands of
dollars at a time. Not only will you learn unique things to check for
that can massively hold websites back, but youll learn how to find
those problems in a unique way as well.
Module two reveals never before seen whitehat link building tactics
Tactics myself and our clients have used to pick up some of the best
links that exist on the web, without having to resort to sending blast
emails to thousands of people, begging for links (which is never good
for your reputation).
Im incredibly proud of this module.
Our third module is all about finding profitable terms to target with minimal competition
There is no fluff or theory, but pure real-world results. Including how a
single phrase helped me generate over $50,000 in the past 12 months
(and it still has minimal competition).
Module four teaches you how to write content that gets people talking. Thats remarkable.
I truly believe a single article can change the entire trajectory of your business, and I have the examples and case studies to back it up.
Ill share exactly what worked in other niches that you can model for
your own.
Two experts take you by the hand to dominate local rankings in module five
I want Detailed Blueprint to be the best SEO course on the planet (and
the last youll ever need) so I brought in two local SEO experts one
who ranked a company that later sold for $400M to share all they know.
The expert’s module is where the top marketers share their secrets
Theres no best SEO in the world, but there are people who are among the best in their disciplines. I brought in outside sources to share
their secrets on link building, site speed, website acquisition and
more. One is the founder of a $120,000/m SaaS company.

22 SEO Insights Youll Find in Detailed Blueprint
The keyphrase that helped me generate an additional $50,000 in the past 12 months (that I still rank very well for).
The reverse-HARO method which uses the site HelpAReporter in a non-standard way to find great link partners.
The site much better than HelpaReporter for picking up better links, and with less competition.
How to find profitable keyphrases people are ranking under the radar using specific lists of online success stories
How I use Zapier to find the people most likely to link to something (works even with a free account)
A way to target the linkerati (the people who link out) on Facebook Ive never seen anyone else talk about
Watch me audit six different websites, live, covering multiple niches and business types and finding serious issues with them
What happened when I implemented ghost page SEO on one of my websites with the actual rankings and traffic
How I find expired domains to purchase that I pick up within 48 hours of finding them (and Ive only ever missed out on one)
Our exact step-by-step checklist we follow when auditing some of the biggest sites on the planet
Four (!) unique methods I use to find secret pages on any site which probably shouldnt exist (and could be holding them back)
Why you should literally give Google $10 (maximum) to find people to connect with you might not even know this was possible
A custom tool I use to segment and prioritise huge lists of sites quickly for outreach and relationships youll get it too
Get first access to the custom website crawler I spent thousands on (works on Windows and Mac) before anyone else
Exactly what we write to clients when we find specific issues on their
sites, that you can copy and paste in your own reporting where relevant

Six Things Youll Be Able to Do When You’ve Completed the Training
Find issues with any website even those with in-house SEO teams within minutes of looking at them
Know exactly what steps to take to build ethical, whitehat links to websites (without begging for them at scale)
Find keywords to target with decent search volume and minimal competition, that works in any niche
Generate content ideas with the best chance of having people talk about (and link to them) that are relevant to your industry
Utilize industry best-practice tactics for local SEO and growing local businesses through search
Get answers from the course creators and other community members whenever you’re stuck.

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