GIMP Photo Editing for Photographers a Free Photoshop Alternative


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1 Апр 2022

Are you ready to ditch Adobe Photoshop for a free alternative? Then this class will make the transition from Photoshop to GIMP seamless. If you've never heard of GIMP it's the number one, free, alternative to Photoshop.

This class was created with GIMP beginners and photographers in mind. You'll discover how to edit both RAW and JPG files like a pro!

Here's what you'll learn in this GIMP for photographers class:

  • How to download and install GIMP, for free
  • How to make your images POP
  • How to customize the GIMP interface to be more like Photoshop
  • How to retouch your images
  • How to resize and save in GIMP
  • Discover the essential tools for editing
  • Learn the difference between layers in GIMP vs Photoshop
  • How to edit RAW files with GIMP
  • Pro tips for editing like a pro
  • 10 photo editing projects to master GIMP
  • 3 advanced composite, editing projects
Also, images are included (via a link in the Project and Resources tab) to use and practice what you learn. Check out the project & resources tab to discover how to complete a project and submit for feedback (from me, your instructor - Chris Parker).

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