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Fusion 360 for 3D Printing


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

About This Class​

Are you tired of only being able to print models you can find online? Would you like to learn the design skills in order to allow you to create your own designs for 3D printing? Do you want to be able to create models that nobody else has that you can then sell for profit! This course will allow you to quickly start using Fusion360 to create printable 3D designs.
If you have some experience with Fusion 360, such as a completed beginners course, and would like to learn how to use Fusion 360 specifically to create models for your 3D printer, then this is the course for you.
Create 3D models, learn how and why to break them down into manageable parts, create different types of connections and learn the techniques and processes involved to create your own tailored designs in Fusion 360.
This course was designed for those with some experience of Fusion 360. We take your existing skills and learn how to tailor designs specifically for 3D printing. The course includes both instruction and follow-along projects to allow you to put into practice the skills as you learn them. You will learn how to produce a printable model to good standards and hopefully inspire you to do even more!
As the course progresses you will gradually move on from the basic designs and learn more useful methods specifically used in designing for 3D printing. The course culminates in a large-scale model of a real-life rocket that looks great as a display model.
Course Outline:
  • We start by creating a basic adapter for a vacuum cleaner which is an example of designing and printing something useful for around the home.
  • Next, we show you some more modeling techniques to create another useful item.
  • We then move on to looking at how and why you should break your models down if possible.
  • After we have learned to break a model down we then study the different types of connections available to us in Fusion 360 that we can use to create 3D prints that can be assembled together.
  • Further examples with then be shown which will require importing models and using dimensions to create useful items. We will model a phone case and an enclosure for a circuit board.
  • The course then moves on to our large, multi-piece design of a scale model rocket. This model has sold for hundreds of dollars and is a prime example of how you can learn to use Fusion 360 and your 3D printer to create a good income.
We believe that this course is the best 3D printing based Fusion 360 course out there today. We have taught thousands of people to use various CAD software over the years and look forward to welcoming you into our community of designers & makers.

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fusion-360-for-3d-printing - (2 x 1.47 GB)
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fusion-360-for-3d-printing - (2 x 1.47 GB)
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Download fusion-360-for-3d-printing.part2.rar from uploaded.net (1.47 GB)

fusion-360-for-3d-printing - (2 x 1.47 GB)
Download fusion-360-for-3d-printing.part1.rar from turbobit.net (1.47 GB)
Download fusion-360-for-3d-printing.part2.rar from turbobit.net (1.47 GB)

fusion-360-for-3d-printing - (2 x 1.47 GB)
Download fusion-360-for-3d-printing.part1.rar from rapidgator.net (1.47 GB)
Download fusion-360-for-3d-printing.part2.rar from rapidgator.net (1.47 GB)
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