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Fstoppers - The Well-Rounded Photographer


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Fstoppers has once again teamed up with eight of our most popular educators to produce The Well-Rounded Photographer. Unlike other tutorials in the Fstoppers Store that cover a single genre of photography, The Well-Rounded Photographer covers eight different genres and countless business, production, lighting, posing, and post-processing techniques. If you're looking to branch out and become knowledgeable enough to photograph any job that comes your way, this is the tutorial for you.

How to Become a Well-Rounded Photographer
Almost every instructor in this tutorial didn't start out shooting the types of photos they are famous for today. Many of them shot every job that came their way and slowly eased into shooting one particular type of photography. Others assisted photographers of every genre and fell in love with a certain type of photography they had never considered before. The bottom line is that you aren't going to know what genres of photography you enjoy or that you're good at until you try them.

The most important thing any photographer can do to guarantee growth in their favorite niche of photography is to learn and master as many different skills as possible. At the very least, you'll become better at what you already do, but who knows, maybe you will even find another genre of photography you love even more than what you are doing now.


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Download 01+How+to+become+a+Well-Rounded+Photographer.zip from nitro.download (765.25 MB)
Download 01+How+to+become+a+Well-Rounded+Photographer.zip from uploaded.net (765.25 MB)
Download 01+How+to+become+a+Well-Rounded+Photographer.zip from turbobit.net (765.25 MB)
Download 01+How+to+become+a+Well-Rounded+Photographer.zip from rapidgator.net (765.25 MB)
Download 02a+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from nitro.download (1.85 GB)
Download 02a+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from uploaded.net (1.85 GB)
Download 02a+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from turbobit.net (1.85 GB)
Download 02a+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from rapidgator.net (1.85 GB)
Download 02b+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from nitro.download (1.81 GB)
Download 02b+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from uploaded.net (1.81 GB)
Download 02b+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from turbobit.net (1.81 GB)
Download 02b+Peter+Hurley+-+Building+a+Basic+Headshot.zip from rapidgator.net (1.81 GB)
Download 03a+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from nitro.download (1.80 GB)
Download 03a+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from uploaded.net (1.80 GB)
Download 03a+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from turbobit.net (1.80 GB)
Download 03a+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from rapidgator.net (1.80 GB)
Download 03b+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from nitro.download (1.73 GB)
Download 03b+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from uploaded.net (1.73 GB)
Download 03b+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from turbobit.net (1.73 GB)
Download 03b+Joey+Wright+-+Shooting+Outdoors.zip from rapidgator.net (1.73 GB)
Download 03c+Joey+Wright+Working+Files.zip from nitro.download (473.18 MB)
Download 03c+Joey+Wright+Working+Files.zip from uploaded.net (473.18 MB)
Download 03c+Joey+Wright+Working+Files.zip from turbobit.net (473.18 MB)
Download 03c+Joey+Wright+Working+Files.zip from rapidgator.net (473.18 MB)
Download 04a+Elia+Locardi+-+Symmetrical+Landscapes.zip from nitro.download (1.77 GB)
Download 04a+Elia+Locardi+-+Symmetrical+Landscapes.zip from uploaded.net (1.77 GB)
Download 04a+Elia+Locardi+-+Symmetrical+Landscapes.zip from turbobit.net (1.77 GB)
Download 04a+Elia+Locardi+-+Symmetrical+Landscapes.zip from rapidgator.net (1.77 GB)
Download 04b+Elia+Locardi+-+Working+Files.zip from nitro.download (234.68 MB)
Download 04b+Elia+Locardi+-+Working+Files.zip from uploaded.net (234.68 MB)
Download 04b+Elia+Locardi+-+Working+Files.zip from turbobit.net (234.68 MB)
Download 04b+Elia+Locardi+-+Working+Files.zip from rapidgator.net (234.68 MB)
Download 05+Clay+Cook+-+Editorial+Portraits+in+the+Studio.zip from nitro.download (1.75 GB)
Download 05+Clay+Cook+-+Editorial+Portraits+in+the+Studio.zip from uploaded.net (1.75 GB)
Download 05+Clay+Cook+-+Editorial+Portraits+in+the+Studio.zip from turbobit.net (1.75 GB)
Download 05+Clay+Cook+-+Editorial+Portraits+in+the+Studio.zip from rapidgator.net (1.75 GB)
Download 06a+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from nitro.download (1.77 GB)
Download 06a+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from uploaded.net (1.77 GB)
Download 06a+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from turbobit.net (1.77 GB)
Download 06a+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from rapidgator.net (1.77 GB)
Download 06b+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from nitro.download (1.68 GB)
Download 06b+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from uploaded.net (1.68 GB)
Download 06b+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from turbobit.net (1.68 GB)
Download 06b+Mike+Kelley+-+Intro+to+Real+Estate.zip from rapidgator.net (1.68 GB)
Download 06c+Mike+Kelley+-+Working+Files.zip from nitro.download (446.98 MB)
Download 06c+Mike+Kelley+-+Working+Files.zip from uploaded.net (446.98 MB)
Download 06c+Mike+Kelley+-+Working+Files.zip from turbobit.net (446.98 MB)
Download 06c+Mike+Kelley+-+Working+Files.zip from rapidgator.net (446.98 MB)
Download 07a+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from nitro.download (1.79 GB)
Download 07a+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from uploaded.net (1.79 GB)
Download 07a+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from turbobit.net (1.79 GB)
Download 07a+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from rapidgator.net (1.79 GB)
Download 07b+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from nitro.download (1.83 GB)
Download 07b+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from uploaded.net (1.83 GB)
Download 07b+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from turbobit.net (1.83 GB)
Download 07b+Dylan+Patrick+-+On-Location+Headshots.zip from rapidgator.net (1.83 GB)
Download 08a+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from nitro.download (1.81 GB)
Download 08a+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from uploaded.net (1.81 GB)
Download 08a+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from turbobit.net (1.81 GB)
Download 08a+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from rapidgator.net (1.81 GB)
Download 08b+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from nitro.download (1.56 GB)
Download 08b+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from uploaded.net (1.56 GB)
Download 08b+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from turbobit.net (1.56 GB)
Download 08b+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from rapidgator.net (1.56 GB)
Download 08c+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from nitro.download (1.82 GB)
Download 08c+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from uploaded.net (1.82 GB)
Download 08c+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from turbobit.net (1.82 GB)
Download 08c+Brian+Rodgers+-+Producing+a+Product+Shot.zip from rapidgator.net (1.82 GB)
Download 09+Monte+Isom+-+Advice+from+an+Executive+Art+Buyer.zip from nitro.download (1.78 GB)
Download 09+Monte+Isom+-+Advice+from+an+Executive+Art+Buyer.zip from uploaded.net (1.78 GB)
Download 09+Monte+Isom+-+Advice+from+an+Executive+Art+Buyer.zip from turbobit.net (1.78 GB)
Download 09+Monte+Isom+-+Advice+from+an+Executive+Art+Buyer.zip from rapidgator.net (1.78 GB)