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Food Videography Masterclass for Beginners


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

About This Class​

Rose is a full time Photographer and Videographer. She started her business with a borrowed camera and minimal gear. She did not start as an expert but was eager to learn and grow her Videography skills through books, online courses and actual gigs. Now she and her husband run a full time Photography and Videography business. During her free time Rose loves to create courses and conduct workshops on Photography and Videography. In this class she will tell you everything she learned from years of running a Photo and Video business and doing countless shoots.
The lessons include:
What is Food Videography and Why is it important today
How to tell stories through food videos
How to shoot food videos to make you hungry
How to plan and storyboard
Videographer's secret: Using color harmony for great food videos
Selecting props and Aesthetics
Must have equipment for Food Videography
Using your iPhone or smartphone to shoot Food Videos
Using your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera to shoot Food Videos
Setting up a food studio
Actual filming and food video behind the scenes
Different shooting styles
How to use continuity (The secret sauce of Videography)
Editing food videos
How to edit food videos using Adobe Premiere Pro
How to export food videos for tiktok, instagram, youtube and more
Where to get free non-copyrighted music for your video
Marketing tips and techniques
This class is ideal for anyone interested in growing their skills in videography or anyone who wants to create beautiful and scroll stopping videos of food.
So whether you are a food enthusiast, a food business owner, a chef who wants to learn food videography, or maybe someone searching for a high value skill, or you may already have the skill and you want a refresher or if you’re someone in between. Then this course is a great starting point for you. Let me help you and together let’s create your delicious food video portfolio.

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