Eden Strader - The Harsh Light Workshop


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1 Апр 2022
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A power-packed online course dedicated to helping you overcome your fear of lighting and teaching how to use wild light to your advantage. Together, we’ll walk through how I troubleshoot "nasty" light, how I pose my couples for the best lighting possible, and how I use light to set the mood of an image. We'll cover backlight, direct light, and reflector techniques so you'll feel confident no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

If you're going to be any sort of photographer for hire, you need to master lighting. It’s what your clients deserve. It’s up to you to create dreamy, creamy imagery regardless of the lighting you're provided. You shouldn't panic when your timeline has you shooting outside the “ideal” time for light–you should be excited to create badass, standalone photographs.

What's included:

Why it's crucial to master harsh lighting

How I use harsh light to enhance my portfolio

Lighting techniques for direct light, harsh backlit, and using a reflector.

Footage from a live session- both recordings and voiceover to get a feel for posing and controlling your light in action.

How to use lighting techniques to create dynamic images with direct light, instead of flat images.

Reflector Techniques- how to use them in different situations, and avoid the chintzy looking photos you're dreading.

How to avoid pesky shadows and uneven skin tones when shooting harsh light.

And much more.. See you in there!

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