Design Pixel-Perfect Posters & Mockups in Photoshop


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1 Апр 2022

Learn how to create posters in Photoshop! Not only that, but you can use many of these skills and techniques for all kinds of projects that go way beyond just posters. You can apply the skills, tools, and techniques to just about anything; from business cards, letterhead, postcards, and even web and social media graphics.

After going through this course, you will be confident using Adobe Photoshop, and you will also have some really cool projects to show off in your portfolio. I provide premium assets and exercise files to follow along and do exactly what I do in the lessons, or, you can use your own photos to create something truly unique and custom!

My name is Derrick Mitchell, and I have over 20 years of experience using Photoshop as a graphic designer. I will show you my exact workflow that has helped me make a full-time career as a graphic designer using Adobe Photoshop as my main tool.