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Dark Mood Food Photography : It's Time to Create Impressive Food Photos Using Both DSLR


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Dark Mood Food Photography : Shoot Your Beautiful Dark Mood Food Photos with Your Camera!

In this course you’ll learn all about DSLR / Mirrorless Food Photography especially for Dark & Moody theme. We’ll explain to you step by step to create an impressive dark mood food photography, start from introduction of camera & lighting, preparation before doing photoshoot, arrangement the scene, to photoshoot session so you can compose an impressive dark mood food photos both in your home or your studio.

Hi there, my name is Berry Phann, a Professional Food Photographer Trainer from Indonesia. At my first five years, I was shoot food and beverage with all my own creation everyday. Now, you can see that my works have been published globally! Not only in Indonesia, but the works have been jumping around Asia Pacific, like South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and many else. More than 2000 projects have been finished. More than 5000 clients have been handled. JUST IN 4 YEARS!

The 7 Steps to Create Beautiful Dark & Moody Food Photography:

  1. INTRODUCTION :We'll teach you to learn about all the lighting we use, and all the lecture that will be discussed in this course.
  2. PROPS & BACKGROUNDS :Learn the fundamentals of shooting with your DSLR / Mirrorless Camera. We’ll teach you how to focus, balance, and use your camera to get the perfect food photography shot!
  3. LIGHTING AND CAMERA SETTING :Learn the principles of how to set the very beautiful dark & moody food photography scene by setting the right lighting with your camera
  4. PROPS & BACKGROUND SETTING : Learn how to choose props & background without dishing out tons of cash!
  5. SHOOTING: Learn how to get the beautiful dark mood food photos using DSLR / Mirrorless Camera
  6. EDITING – WILL BE UPDATED SOON ON MAY 2022 : we’ll take you through our favourite steps of editing session to make your finished photo POP !

You are a food photographer who wants to learn how to take better levitation food photography and level up your skills in levitation food photos!

Get it now!

I’ll see you in class!

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