Craft 5k - Wedding FIlmmaking Masterclass


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

The ultimate course to help you shoot and edit $5k + story based, stress-free and cinematic wedding films.

My Goal
Is for you to consistently edit wedding films that go viral and make random strangers cry. I want you to walk into any wedding stress free and be able to crush it no matter the couple, venue, or situation.

10+ Hours of content

I walk you through every single aspect of shooting and editing a wedding in over 40+ video lessons. No rock is left unturned.

Gear Guide
Every single piece of gear you need for filming a wedding. I go over the best lights, lenses, cameras, audio, tripods, sliders, gimbals, drones, and bags. No rock is left unturned.

Irresistible Packaging
A 6-lesson course about the secrets to making your pricing guide irresistible to couples. You'll learn how to: sell to your target audience, craft package names that sell, order your packages effectively, create storytelling in your pricing guide, use testimonials for maximum impact, and design killer packages.

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