AutoCAD 2D & 3D Crash Course


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1 Апр 2022

Through this course, you will be exposed to the engineering software widely used for 2D drafting and 3D modelling. AutoCAD is widely used software in the world. AutoCAD is used in various field such as mechanical, electrical and construction field. AutoCAD is the best 2D drafting software developed by AUTODESK and it is easy for 2D drafting as well as 3D modelling plus rendering for presentation purpose. By mastering AutoCAD software, you will be able to join industry majoring in the field mention above. Jobs position can be such as;

  • Drafting engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Mechanical Design engineer
  • Electrical Design engineer
  • Civil engineer
Through this course, you will learn the basic skills on how to use AutoCAD especially 2D & 3D drafting. The uniqueness of this course is, you able to master basic skills using AutoCAD with 7 days. This course designed to guide students to learn at own pace and practice using AutoCAD.

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