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Amanda Diaz – Fashion Photography


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022
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Learn how to plan, shoot and edit a complete fashion editorial from start to finish.

What Will You Learn in this Course?
In this course, I will show you my process from start to finish on how to plan and create a Fashion Story Editorial. This course is to help you in understanding how the entire process works from deciding on your theme or idea, how to find inspiration, simple planning by creating a mood board to keep your thoughts and ideas organized and then the shoot itself. Next you can see how I go through my images and my process on how I narrow them down, then taking them into photoshop to work on the post processing.
I talk about how to keep your edits consistent across the images even if the lighting changes as we are shooting outside with unpredictable lighting.

Envision Yourself…
Understanding the idea and purpose behind a fashion shoot.
Planning, creating and shooting a full fashion editorial for either submission or for your personal clients like a Pro.
Creating beautiful images for your own portfolio and know what to look for when shooting your own projects with low or no budget.

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