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97 Photo Composition Techniques & Tips: 4-Step System


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

How To Create Stronger Photo Composition Anywhere

One of the biggest problems you are facing is either being limited to the same basic techniques or completely overwhelmed by the number of techniques available. You are going to learn 97 compositional techniques and tools! But, you are going to have a 4-step system to simplify your process of creating strong compositions.

These tips are separated into 4 groups... making up the 4-step system. Combine at least one tip from each of the 4 steps... you have a stronger composition with 4 techniques. Combine 2 or 3 techniques from each step and with minimal effort, you now have double-digit compositional techniques and tools in your strong composition!!

Your photos will have more cohesion, enhancing the experience. By attracting the viewer's eye to the parts of the photo we consider important, then directing them to other elements creates a narrative and holds their attention. This holds their attention and keeps them engaged. It sounds complicated... this system simplifies the process.

Three Learning Outcomes

1. Intuitively select from a comprehensive list of compositional techniques and tools

This course is designed to make you a more intuitive photographer. With the 4-Step System, you'll be able to apply multiple composition techniques and tools to your photos without thinking about composition or forcing a particular technique.

2. Strategic edit photos to enhance the viewer experience by directing their attention
Regardless of your subject or style, you can use photo editing tools to enhance the viewer experience as a part of your photography process. At the end of this course, you will be able to strategically edit your photos to attract, hold, and guide your viewers' attention to exactly where you want in the photo.

3. Analyze your favourite photos and identify compositional techniques and tools used
Using the extensive reference material in this course, you'll be able to identify multiple compositional techniques and tools. Knowing how to analyze your favourite photos gives you the power to identify what specifically inspires and appeals to you and makes you more comfortable applying the same techniques in your photography.

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