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30 Days of Adobe Lightroom Mobile


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

About This Class​

When it comes to smartphone photography, editing can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Editing a photo too much can make it lose its sense of realism, and too little editing can leave a picture looking amateurish.
  • Learn the why, when and how behind each camera and editing tool
  • Overwhelmed by so many tools. Receive example workflows by Mike and guest instructors
  • Be more strategic. Learn about storytelling and photography intention
Who is this for?
Do you feel underwhelmed or frustrated with your photos and know you can take better photos on your smartphone? If the thought of using Adobe Lightroom mobile is a little daunting, you are not alone. This app provides you with a powerful full manual control camera and photo editor. The advanced tools can be a bit overwhelming.
Course outcomes
In just 30 days (or in a weekend if you binge-watch), you will be able to:
  • Be creative transforming your favourite photos into stunning photos you will be proud to print and share
  • Increase your confidence as a mobile photographer as you become even more passionate about photography
  • Effectively utilise Lightroom mobile, knowing why, when and how to use each tool for best results
  • Avoid the steep learning curve of experimenting on your own learning what different tools do
  • Avoid over-editing photos to the point that they look edited

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