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1. PUSH IT FURTHER (Part 1 of the 6-part Shooting From The Heart® Creative Photography course)


Команда форума
1 Апр 2022

Shooting from The Heart® guides photographers on an exciting, creative journey of personal transformation.

Photography can offer a remarkable path to experience the world with moment-by-moment revelation and celebration. To that end, Shooting From The Heart® offers photographers at every level a sanctuary of the self, a sacred space to nurture the creative spirit, and a powerful means of authentic, courageous expression. It offers a regeneration of the spirit and a practical reinvention of the self. Photographers at all levels, with any camera (cellphones included) will benefit from the experience.

The program leads you through Rob Goldman's FRAMES methodology:

Focus Bring your personal style into FOCUS
Reframe REFRAME your vulnerability as your ultimate power
Angles View your subjects and yourself from various ANGLES
Mastery Commit to your passion and work toward MASTERY
Expose EXPOSE your gifts to the world
Sharpen SHARPEN your vision, your skills and your technique

NOTE ABOUT WRITTEN MATERIAL: Each lesson contains written pages and worksheets associated with that lesson. Each lesson's related pages are included in that lesson's title, e.g. "Class Overview (pgs. 1-6). It is advisable, though not required that you print all of the pages prior to beginning the course.

“You have given me a new way to see, not only what I photograph but why I am photographing. You open my eyes to be able to see myself.” ~Barbara Imperiale, New York

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